Dienstag, 18. April 2017

HR Innovation Day 2017: Agenda (English)

The programme of this year´s HR Innovation Day has been set up and I would like to express my special thanks to the speakers in advance. We all can look forward to a broad spectrum of HR topics. Besides interesting keynote lectures (some of them in English) we will again offer two workshop (some in English, all with english summaries) rounds so that we have enough time for discussions and get-togethers. A surprise or recall workshop is a novelty in the second workshop round. Thematic focus above all is HR innovation, but classical topics of HR management will not be missed out. And: the programme is subject to change! (as of 15th  April 2017)

20th May 2017 - Start at 8:00/9:45  Gutenberg-Building
of Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (Gustav-Freytag-Str. 42, D-04277 Leipzig)

Target Group
Young (older) HR Professionals, students with majors in HR, all people interested in current HR and leadership issues


8:00 Workshop-Sessions 1

People Analytics Takeoff – Start simpel & finish strong
Daniel Mühlbauer, Managing Director, function(HR) Munich

New Work and HR in practice: Rethinking of learning and organizational forms Maja Kuko, Kati Nadje, avilox Leipzig

Mediation in organizations as an instrument of modern HRM
Gernot Barth, Steinbeis Center of Mediation Leipzig/Stuttgart

Talking application pictures - why REWE and Deutsche Bahn now benefit from Video applications Thomas Paucker, Founder and CEO, JobUFO GmbH Berlin

Data based matching by innovative skillprofiles
Michael Benz, Co-Founder und CEO, Innovailably Leipzig

9:45 Official Intro to HR Innovation Days/10:00 Keynotes (1)

Bots and algorithms in recruiting - only buzzwords or more?
Joachim Diercks, Founder and Managing Director, Cyquest Hamburg

Artificial Intelligence: threat or opportunity for HR?
Tom Haak, Director, HR Trend Institute B.V. Amsterdam (NL)

Affective Computing & EduTech: Making the implicit explicit
Nikos Green, CEO, Affective Signals Berlin

12:30 Workshop-Sessions 2

Evaluations freshly thought – Useful data instead of smileys
Timo Riedle, Founder and CEO, Evalea GmbH Frankfurt/Main

Agile working methods and HR
Birgit Mallow, Organizational consulting and process development Munich

Corporate culture as competitive factor
Christoph Athanas, CEO, meta HR Berlin

What makes search engines intelligent?
Barbara Braehmer, CEO, intercessio GmbH Bonn

(1) Recall-Workshop

14:15 Keynote (2)

Why is our recruiting traumatised - how Digitization can help to heal
Henrik Zaborowski, Recruitingcoaching & -umsetzung Bergisch-Gladbach

Hashtag:  #HRInnoDay


via Mail  peter.m.wald@htwk-leipzig.de

Contact Person:
Prof. Dr. Peter M. Wald, Faculty Business Administration of HTWK Leipzig

I look forward to see you all in Leipzig.

Kind regards

Peter M. Wald

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