Freitag, 12. Juli 2019

Work is learning and learning is the work - Excerpts from the Keynote with Harold Jarche at HR Innovation Day 2019

Today I continue with the videos of the keynotes - due to the end of the semester it took a bit longer. All the more I'm happy to present excerpts from the Keynote given by Harold Jarche at HR Innovation Day 2019. Already before the event I was able to interview Harold Jarche. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his valuable input again. With his keynote on "Opening the Gates - How HR can contribute to overcoming barriers to organisational learning" he hit the nerve of the participants. His thoroughly critical remarks impressively demonstrated how open-minded HR professionals can make a greater contribution to their companies in the future through the topic of "Organisational Learning". It was interesting to see how important it is to question previous assumptions and concepts, especially on the subject of "training", and in this way to find new solutions ("shaping" vs. "modelling").  Furthermore, there are opportunities for sustainable performance improvement less through the reduction of mistakes than through the creation of (new) insights through informal and social learning. He succeeded excellently in explaining his well-known PKM model (Personal Knowledge Mastery) in a comprehensible way. This enabled him to illustrate how knowledge is sought today, how knowledge is created and how this knowledge is shared with others. Harold Jarche described this connection by means of seek > sense > share. Have fun watching the video!

Many thanks to Caroline Mehner, who actively supported me in compiling this video.

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